Smartphones can cause myopia

Smartphones have long ceased to be a luxury item and remedy information for computer geeks. More than half of the world's population now has such devices. If earlier the phone was only the tool for communication, but now people spend on average a few hours a day for vkladyvanii in the screen of this gadget. According to scientists and ophthalmologists, this can cause myopia. Moreover, the relationship between time spent in front of the screen, and rapidly developing pathology can be traced for a long time.

Nearsightedness or myopia is attributed to a defect of vision in which the image is focused on the retina, but in front of it. The most frequent cause of myopia is increasing in the length of the eyeball, which gives an incorrect focus. A person suffering from myopia, well see near, but has problems with his vision, when he is required to consider the objects that are far away. Myopia hyperopia occurs more frequently, and one of the reasons is the constant use of the screens of smartphones as devices for reading, playing games, receiving large amounts of information.

David Allamby, ophthalmologist, has expressed concerns about this very important issue. The fact that most British teenagers spend a lot of time behind the screens of their devices. The study showed that the average distance at which a person holds a smartphone - 30 cm from their eyes, the minimum distance is even less - 18 see, it is Worth noting the fact that the books of the same subjects read at a distance of more than 40 cm

Such intensive use of modern technologies, in particular screens of smartphones, affect vision negatively. Many young people myopia develops by the age of twenty. Scientists gave the name for this phenomenon - the epidemic screen myopia. Ophthalmologists advise more attentive to their health, because at the current rate of progress and use of smartphones, the number of people suffering from myopia will grow and will make up half of the adult population in developed countries.

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According to a survey of modern smartphone now have half of the UK population. Average time spent in front of his screen, is about two hours. Coupled with time spent behind the screens of TV and monitor it turns out is a very unfortunate situation for the organ of vision - he just doesn't get enough rest and is in constant tension. At special risk are children who have visual apparatus formed yet up to the end. So when buying a smartphone, your child must first explain that they need to use caution, because prolonged use can lead to pathology, which is effectively treated only by surgery.

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