Smart people happier stupid

People with low IQ often feel unhappy, say the authors of the study, scientists from University College London. Examining the data more than 6.5 thousand volunteers from among employees of a large Corporation, the experts came to the conclusion, participants with a low level of intellectual development felt less happy with their smart colleagues.

Scientists have determined the level of IQ of the participants and asked respondents how happy they are. People with an indicator of the level of intellectual development in 120-129 points recorded that they were "very happy" (43%). But the group of participants with IQ 70-79 points acknowledged, on the contrary, that "not very happy" (12% of respondents). Dr. Angela Hassiotis explains, workers with low intelligence take the most promising jobs at work, which is reflected in their salary. Unsatisfactory material level, in turn, affects the psychological well-being and health, so the participants and noted the perception of a lack of happiness. As summarized Angela Hassiotis, if man is to develop the intellect, in the future he will be able to feel better in many respects.

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