Smart patch will become standard for the diagnosis of malaria, scientists believe

Scientists have created and conducted the first trial of the patch, through which you can carry out rapid diagnosis of malaria at the first suspicion. The patch determines the concentration of malarial proteins in the human body.

Experts believe that their development may displace the standard blood test for malaria in medical practice, writes Finencial Express. The patch is easy to use, for the diagnosis does not require special skills, using handle any man.

For patients it is important that the adhesive, in contrast to the syringe does not cause pain. While the method was tested on laboratory mice. Scientists have planned clinical trials in the near future.

The composition of the patch is quite simple. Side in contact with the skin surface of the patch is coated with a microscopic hollow needles, absorbing the blood. They painlessly collect the necessary biological material.

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In the patch built-Express system identify protein markers of malaria. Earlier attempts were made to create such diagnostic methods. However, in all cases, rapid screening was to identify only one of the substances in the blood. In the case of modern patch uses the definition of two markers.

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