Smart-Lens project from Google in support of people suffering from diabetes

Certainly, most people have heard that diabetes is a disease that has received the widest distribution in the world.

This disease interferes with the normal life of every 19-th inhabitant of the Earth. But still, knowing about the disease, people can hardly imagine how hard it is to live the life of a man who every day are constantly forced to control the content of glucose in the blood.

The fact that the increase in sugar levels can cause complications, which entail serious consequences, in the form of problems with internal organs, and low levels can cause weakness and fainting. And great luck, if in such a situation the patient will be at home instead of driving a car.

Because changes in blood sugar is very dangerous, people suffering from this disease, have to constantly monitor his level and constantly use the services of an endocrinologist. And changing it often enough and in normal life situations: after a workout, meal, when excited, when I'm drenched in sweat.

Some patients often use subcutaneous sensors that send data to the blood glucose meter for accurate measurement of sugar, and keep them all to yourself. The majority is used for tracking glucose levels normal blood test, which is not very convenient and pleasant, and leads to less responsible to control the level of glucose in the blood.

Scientists are aware of this problem, and not one year are developing and testing a less time-consuming and complex methods of measuring glucose, one of which conducts analysis of tear fluid through the electrochemical sensor.

Many have guessed that to build and test the lachrymal fluid is not as easy as you can imagine. For this reason, Google is pondering over the fact that the miniature appliances, comparable in size with a small sprinkle of glitter or hair that can simplify and reduce inaccuracies in the analysis of the level of glucose in tear fluid.

Now the company carries out work on testing contact Smart lens that can measure glucose levels in tears with built-in miniature sensors located in the middle of two layers of soft material used to manufacture the lens.

The plans for the Google idea is to mount the LEDs in the lens in order to warn the patient, if the level goes beyond the norm. The project has that raw and to be at the prototype stage, requiring improvement. Google has conducted a series of clinical tests to improve its development, hoping in the future to help patients with diabetes to carefully approach the control of their disease.

Companies still have to work hard so that this technology has become available to every patient with diabetes. We are now negotiating with different structures, it is planned to find partners in the development of these devices, so they had the opportunity to use Google's technology to create smart lenses and application development, to facilitate access to the test results, doctors and patients.

Article prepared by specialists from the private clinic MEDPROTECT, Moscow 2014 ©

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