Smart cane for the blind from the boy from Delhi

Student of 12 class santanu Gangwar from Delhi could not see his blind friends collided with the wall, he stumbled on furniture and other items. He invented the smart cane, is able to warn the blind of the obstacle in advance.

Easy to use stick will cost about 800 rupees, the invention brought the boy an award from the Ministry of science and technology.

Seventeen-year-old boy developed a cane for six months with the help of his teacher. In cane integrated infrared sensors that connect to the engine. When the infrared rays are reflected, the stick starts to vibrate, alerting about the obstacle. Such sensors can be installed on an ordinary stick.

Cane santanu detects the obstacle at a distance of one step, but he wants will increase its capacity by two to three meters.

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The invention canes, which should help the blind, was the first among 353 projects made by participants on the expansion of creative abilities of children from the Ministry of education of India.

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