Smaller portions of food at Breakfast will help get rid of excess weight

British experts in the field of nutrition found that a small portion of Breakfast can help in the fight against obesity. This conclusion they came to the study, which was attended by 33 volunteers suffering from excess weight. Scientists have proposed them oatmeal, milk, eggs, ham, orange juice and toast with butter, reports The Telegraph. Some participants were given smaller portions, but they didn't know about it. The portion size of food was reduced from 20 to 40 percent.

As it turned out, the difference in portion sizes did not affect the amount of consumed during the rest of the day eating. Participants who got reduced portion, continued to eat their usual way, not trying to catch up during Breakfast. In the end it turned out that they ate fewer calories.

According to the author of the study from the Institute of MRC Human Nutrition Research Unit Dr Susan Jebb, this phenomenon leads to the conclusion that even a slight reduction of portion sizes can be a useful strategy in the process of weight control, and don't miss the opportunity to make even small changes, especially if they are repeated every day and benefit.

Despite the fact that in the study the results are very promising results, nutritionists yet draw final conclusions. In their opinion, the conditions of the study was quite far from real life in which there are many temptations just to eat something during the day. According to Dr. Jebb, the study was conducted in laboratory conditions, so more research is needed to check whether the obtained results in life.

It should be noted that previously held scientific research scientists from the University of Missouri found that Breakfast is helpful to eat foods with high protein content. They concluded that dense Breakfast rich in protein products, people can continue to control your appetite, and it also had fewer temptations to get up to eat at night.

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