Small portions of chocolate protect the heart from disease

Scientists for the first time spoken about the benefits of chocolate. Just a few pieces can save you from stroke and heart disease, says a group from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland). Interestingly, these properties have both a black and a chocolate milk.

Experts have analyzed the diet of 21 thousands of volunteers. People have shared with academic information for 12 years. After evaluating the collected data, it was found that consumption of a small amount of chocolate every day can reduce the risk of stroke by 23%.

Chocolate contains not only a well-known flavonoid that functions as antioxidants. It has fatty acids and mineral elements such as calcium, necessary for normal functioning of the human body.

Excess sweets only hurt, say scientists. Need a few cloves from the tiles, so that the body received a supply of the necessary micronutrients. In addition, chocolate is a mood Elevator. Studies prove that a natural product without chemical additives protects from ageing skin, reduces the likelihood of developing depression and many other illnesses.

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