Slimming pills cause weight gain study

People tend to look nice. Avoid the temptation to quickly and safely lose weight is difficult, so many have resorted to the use of slimming pills. These tools promise the result in the first week of admission. From the experimental field of slimming pills has become one of the main sources of income of the pharmaceutical companies. But the main goal of weight loss achieved units, the rest remain on the "native" performance or even gaining weight, writes Psych Central.

Researchers from the State University of Pennsylvania established that many people have the misconception about diet pills. This leads not to lose excess pounds and increase the size of the waist.

The fact that the effectiveness of the tablets sometimes highly overrated. People perceive tool for weight loss as a panacea extra pounds, consider that now you can have it all and in unlimited quantities. The remedy for this situation is not operating as desired, and the pounds continue to be deposited as fat.

Data were installed in the study, with the participation of volunteers. People said that they can eat as many chocolate chip cookies. One group received a placebo, however, presents information pill was just a dummy. The second group did not receive the drugs, and the results were needed for comparison.

According to the results, the first group ate significantly more biscuits, considering that tablet to cope with all the unnecessary body with calories.

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Scientists warn: one tablet not saved from obesity is not a single person. In addition to medication is an important lifestyle and proper diet, no bad habits and morale of the person on the weight loss.

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