Slimming important mode, not the number of calories scientists

Scientists in experiments with laboratory mice have proved. Not so important the number of calories in the transition to a diet. The most important role for the diet, only eating by the clock to help lose weight. Therefore, to resort to extreme starvation there is no meaning.

Rats were divided into two groups and gave them the same amount of food. The first group ate on the clock, the second had access to the same amount of food. Animals from the first group lost weight, but not so on the second group. The volume and caloric content of food consumed in the groups was similar.

Scientists emphasize the importance of diet. Organism has to prepare for the meal. Active the digestive system digests food that promotes weight loss. Nutritionists remind, from six in the evening until six in the morning is better not to eat anything is a surefire way to weight loss.

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