Slim 600 grams each week

Did you know that you can easily lose weight by as much as 600 grams in just a week? And it's real, if you're going to exercise and consume calories slightly less than the permissible limits. Follow these guidelines and you will be dumping unwanted pounds.

1. You do not need to eat often. On the contrary, it is better to eat little but often (5-6 times a day) than eat at one sitting all that is in the fridge. Remember that proper nutrition is only beneficial to your body: allows you to get rid of excess fat, also controls the level of sugar in the blood, gives you strength and energy, which is enough for the whole day and, importantly, helps to lose weight!

2. Sport, sport and more sport. Remember that exercise should be your best friend. But you should pay attention to the fact that the usual time that you spend on training (about 40 minutes), it is better to divide by 2 cycle - morning (mostly Hiking before Breakfast and midday. A good result you can achieve, if you will perform this exercise during the month 5 times per week.

3. Breakfast is the most important. No wonder they say that Breakfast should be eaten! Put everything. No matter how you late for work or a business meeting not pay attention to it. The main thing for you is to have Breakfast because the food consumed in the morning, gives the main energy to the body. And if you do not nourish the body with food in the morning, it will survive due to accumulated fat. Calories give warmth to the body, which speeds up the metabolism.

4. Try to spend time sport in the morning, because physical activity helps to regulate the appetite throughout the day. People involved in sports in the morning, do not feel a great hunger.

5.It is known that the human body is 80% water, therefore the water level in the body always needs to keep in norm. If you will restrict ourselves to the consumption of water, the body sooner or later will come dehydration, he will try to keep the water in himself that sooner or later will lead to the fact that you will start to gain weight. Moderate consumption of water will reduce the weight and take the excess fluid from the body.

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