Slightly premature babies can have serious problems in the brain's development

It is known that prematurity can have a considerable effect on the functioning of the brain of children and the future development of the nervous system. Children, appeared on the 32-36 week, have a small brain and various pathologies. Some problems with age are eliminated, but this is not all processes.

Scientists from the Royal women's hospital in Melbourne has conducted research and studied the brain activity of children born at different stages of pregnancy. Using an MRI apparatus, a survey was conducted 199 children 32-36 weeks of birth and 50 children born after 37 weeks. In the first group was often disturbed the process of myelination of nerve fibers. The nerve signal was moved with insufficient speed. In addition, in some cases, the brain kids had a less pronounced pattern of convolutions and fissures of the bark.

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The main reason for these differences is particularly bookmarks and development of the nervous system during the prenatal period. The brain actively grows and develops in the last trimester of pregnancy. The researchers plan to continue the study and observation of the children from the first group. Perhaps the decrease in average intelligence and the presence of learning difficulties of these children.

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