Sleepy intoxication affects residents of large cities - the scientists

Many people Wake up periodically in a disoriented state, when it is difficult to immediately understand where we are and how much time. Scientists believe that this phenomenon is a sleep disorder. Invented even the term is a sleepy drunk. With him facing one in seven people, writes The Times of India.

Episodes occur immediately after the alarm or sudden awakening. The alarm can a person take for a phone call, and even try to answer it.

Scientists believe that the cause of the disease lies in the constant stress and lack of sleep the majority of the inhabitants of megacities. The body cannot relax even during sleep. Sleepy intoxication is much more common among workers with lack of sleep and constant stress.

Data were installed in a survey of 19 thousand people aged 18 years. About 15% of the encountered phenomenon sleepy drunk during the year. More than half of the 15% had more than one episode of sudden awakening in the week. In the vast majority of cases (84%) people with carotid intoxication had other mental disorders of varying severity.

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Doctors advise to spend more time relaxing and efficient use of its working day. Lack of sleep will inevitably affect the condition of the body and can lead to chronic illnesses.

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