Sleepless night is better than the constant awakening, experts say

This is the conclusion of researchers from the Johns Hopkins University led by Patrick Finam. Often awakenings during sleep facing parents of young children. The study showed a couple of nights with broken sleep for health is more dangerous than one sleepless night, reports Live Science.

Sudden awakening does not give the body to enter a phase of deep sleep. It is in this phase comes the recovery. Therefore, young parents, doctors working on the ambulance, faced with chronic fatigue, depressed state, bad mood and even depression.

Scientists conducted an experiment involving 62 volunteers. For three nights sleep of the subjects was controlled. The first group woke up eight times a night, the second went to bed very late, but their sleep is not interrupted.

It turned out that the first group after three days of sleep with breaks feel much worse. Note, symptoms of depression were seen in the second group but were less pronounced.

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