Sleeping on the stomach causes nightmares

Somnology is a branch of medicine dealing with the study of the physiology of sleep, its pathology and disorders.

Scientists somnology from Hong Kong found that the dreams that one sees directly depend on its posture in bed. Nightmares, for example, often come to those who prefer to sleep on his stomach.

As evidence for the relationship of two factors, a study was conducted, which was attended by 600 students. They had been asked, in what posture they usually fall asleep and the nature of their dreams. Research has shown that sleeping on the stomach is a factor, frequently causing dreams with nightmares or dreams of a sexual nature.

This fact is due to hypoxia (lack of oxygen) when sleeping on the stomach. The breath of such a person considerably more difficult. As a result of stress to the brain during sleep, that provokes the activity centres of the cortex responsible for dreaming.

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