Sleeping naked is very good for health

As it turned out, sleeping naked is very useful for health. Such sleep is beneficial to physical and psychological state of the person. People sleep without clothes, sleeping better, because in this case the body is not subjected to overheating, and retains its natural temperature. Found another positive effect: sleep without clothes helps to lose weight.

This is due to a more peaceful sleep without clothes, which reduces the stress hormone-cortisol. This preserves the energy of the body and controls the feeling of hunger. When disturbed sleep increases cortisol levels, and waking up in the morning, people will experience a strong sense of hunger, to quench that will help only a large amount of food.

The "naked" dream there are also a number of other advantages. Overheating of the body, arising out of service, violates the effect of growth hormone and melatonin, which are the principal hormones in the process of rejuvenation. At natural body temperature better recovers the skin, as well as better allocated growth hormone.

When I sleep naked both partners, when touching the surface of their bodies is allocated oxytocin, which makes their sexual life more exciting and passionate.

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