Sleep therapy can cure phobias

Researchers Katerina Hauner together with their colleagues from northwestern University in Chicago conducted a series of tests and has developed an innovative method of getting rid of phobias.

Scientists were able to reduce the intensity of fear photos and some smells, using one of the types of sleeping therapy. The technique has been quite successful, writes the journal Nature Neuroscience.

In the volunteer group included 15 people suffering from fear of photos or odors. First, scientists measured the brain activity of the subjects to mark control points. Next was applied shock therapy. Participants experience showed a rapid series of pictures. Upon detection of abnormal activity of the subjects zapped. Thus was thrust unconsciously phobia, which is activated when certain photographs or sense of smell.

After fixing the result and verify its validity on the scanner and the lie detector scientists began work on the phobia. The task was the removal of human memory. Researchers have applied the method to overwrite memory. This was applied multiple demonstration of the stimulus that evoked fear. For the people with phobia smells of perfume was placed in a room during their sleep. The human brain works always, even during sleep. This allowed us to apply this kind of therapy.

After one night, the scientists noticed improvement within phobias. People who have gone through this kind of treatment, gave a positive trend in the study of the activity centers of the brain responsible for fear.

Katerina Hauner argues that the changes noted in patients, albeit relatively small, but stable and visible. Further research and the application of this technique will help doctors and patients in dealing with various kinds of phobias.

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