Sleep medications can help with brain damage

Scientists have found that sleep medications are active treatment for not just insomnia. It turns out that they improve the dynamics of the recovery of the brain after injury, reports Medical News Today. The data were confirmed after measuring brain activity with the purpose of the group sleeping pills.

Research conducted by a scientific team from the Medical College Weill Cornell, participated in the experiment, which was to study the effect of hypnotics on brain activity. Researchers have pushed some cases, when the purpose of this group of drugs was significantly accelerated the recovery process after injuries. It turns out that zolpidem able to participate in the wave processes in the brain. When the head injury asterousia waves of low frequencies, which are mostly generated by the frontal lobes of the cortex. This anatomical education is strongly associated with other brain structures (thalamus and striped body. This set of structures is responsible for the processes of memory, attention and sleep.

Zolpidem has anesthetic effect and initiates the propagation of fast waves in the brain. The generated waves restore the connection between the frontal lobes and other entities of the brain that helps him to recover faster for various injuries.

The drug is already used on patients. He has shown good results in restoring brain function. So I almost drowned, the patient is significantly decreased tremor of the hands after the appointment zolpidem. At this point, the patient is recovering. Scientists note that zolpidem activates receptors located in the brain.

The list of drugs that may have a similar effect. To him is attributed amantadine and L-Dopa. This group promotes the formation of dopamine and normalizes the functioning of the nervous tissue of the brain.

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