Sleep in the workplace is a useful study

Rare to find a workplace where you can NAP. Employers should review their position in relation to the rest of employees, say scientists. Healthy sleep at lunchtime is able to raise efficiency and to inspire the right mood.

Lack of sleep is a common thing for modern man. Just the trip to work can take more than an hour. To get to his place from the morning, people leave early, taking hours of sleep. By noon, the majority feels unwell, and this, incidentally, is only the middle of the day.

Scientists conducted an experiment. 40 volunteers were asked to relax during the lunch break. One part within the hour I watched a relaxing video, the rest can sleep in peaceful surroundings. Next, the subjects were tested on their intelligence and efficiency.

Rested after a 60-minute sleep people said reduced voltage, the rise of internal forces, the desire to work. Note, a number of major companies have already made a step towards their employees. After all, if a person really wants to sleep, it is better to give him a good rest, so he could continue to work and perform their tasks.

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