Sleep in contact lenses may cost you a vision

Scientists from the University of Leicester have come to the conclusion that sleep in contact lenses can affect your vision at all. According to them, before going to sleep people should always remove and wash the lenses, as pollution can cause eye diseases, including microbial keratitis and infection of the cornea. If untreated, this will lead to impaired vision and in severe cases, blindness.

The eye has a natural protection against foreign bodies, protective enzymes and flashing to prevent contamination of the eyes, but air and water microbes can sometimes penetrate through the protective layer of the cornea. Dangerous to view the bacteria Pseudomonas and water scarcity are contained in tap water, and often gets on the lens. If you wash or store lenses in tap water, then you put the disease in his eyes. Store lenses in the bathroom is also not the best solution.

A significant number of cases of eye diseases could be avoided if people properly cleaned and kept lenses, because they are the number one cause of inflammation of the cornea. Wearing them not feel the moment of occurrence of the infection, the pain occurs only when a sudden deterioration of health of the eye. The lens does not feel pain, if you spend a day without it, you will feel discomfort, it means that you have inflammation.

Soft lenses three times more dangerous in terms of infection than hard.

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