Sleep duration is determined by the peculiarities of the human brain

Most people require 7-8 hours of sleep a night to feel good. While there are those who rather need 5 or 10-12 hours in order to sleep properly. Scientists have shown that sleep duration is inherent in the human brain and is largely determined by genes.

Experts from the Thomas Jefferson University have examined the genes of flies. Proteins TARANIS and cyclin A, was found in the study, was responsible for maintaining the balance between sleep and wakefulness. For the regulation of formation of these substances is responsible Cdk gene.

Scientists believe that the resulting information can be used not only for scientific purposes. Study of the mechanism of sleep on a molecular level will help in developing drugs for the treatment of chronic sleep disorders.

Note on sleep duration and quality, together with the genes influenced by many other factors: lifestyle, intensity and nature of the work, the food, the comfort of the bed.

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