Sleep disorders sostarivayut the brain of a person for five years

Several years with disturbed sleep mode can result in serious consequences on the part of the brain. The person loses concentration, begin a serious problem with memory. Reduced sleep quality by 50% increases the risk of developing pathology of the nervous system. This corresponds to five years of additional aging brain, writes The Daily Mail.

The expert from the Institute of Medical center California Pacific Terry Blackwell believes that the main role plays the sleep quality, not its quantity. The information is confirmed by scientists in the course of research involving 2820 people, the average age of participants in the experiment was equal to 76 years. Scientists tracked the sleep state of each person. The trial itself lasted for five nights. Next, the volunteers underwent a series of tests to assess the ability to correct errors, to plan actions and make decisions.

Scientists have proven that high quality sleep is a mandatory criterion for maximum efficiency. In addition, lack of proper sleep with adherence over a long period of time leads to rapid aging brain. Even one sleepless night equally strong impact injury of the head. The lack of sleep leads to increased concentrations of markers of damage. Usually during sleep the brain is freed from toxins, lack of sleep interferes with this process.

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