Sleep deprivation leads to strokes

According to the information, which was obtained at a scientific conference, which was held in Boston (Massachusetts) in this Monday, researchers concluded that sleep deprivation leads to strokes. This applies to people who suffer from excessive weight.

According to the news Agency ITAR-TASS, a study was conducted, which was attended 5 666 thousand U.S. residents who have a permanent job. This study lasted three years. The study gave the following results: it was found that 35 percent of working Americans have a normal, healthy sleep, which lasts for 8 hours, and sometimes more. The same percentage of people sleeping for 7 hours per day. It turned out that the rest of the subjects (30 percent of Americans), which was given to sleep less than 6 hours per day, have clearly malaise and lack of sleep. It turned out that this category of citizens in a 4 times higher risk of stroke.

Strokes occur not only when the bleeding in the brain, and in the narrowing of the lumen of the cerebral vessels, the reason for this can be a passive way of life, alcohol and nicotine horrifying Statistics and shows that death from stroke ranks 4th in the United States.

It is known that man should sleep a minimum of 2 times per day, preferably in the afternoon and at night and scientists it is proved once again. Sleep at lunchtime will allow you to feel better, increase productivity and improve mood. In America, many countries in Europe and East employers include hour break to sleep during working hours for their employees, which is quite justified, both for their physical and psychological condition.

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