Sleep apnea increases the risk of getting in an accident - statistics

Experts from the University of Gothenburg established that sleep apnea significantly increases the risk of a traffic accident. Information scientists have found in the survey 1478 people with sleep apnea. The average age of the respondents was 54 years, says Zee News.

Scientists have created a database of all accidents, which got the volunteers. As a control group of scientists looked at 635 thousand drivers, 21 of which at least one was in an accident. It turned out the presence of apnea (cessation of breathing) sleep increases the risk of an accident by 2.5 times compared with the control group.

Systematic treatment and ventilation during sleep reduces the risk of an accident at 70% and equated it to normal. Scientists suggest that daytime sleepiness in sleep apnea and short sleep reduce the attention, which increases the risk of accidents.

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