Skinny models in Israel announced a boycott

The Israeli government passed a law which prohibited the models with underweight to appear on the catwalks and in commercials, magazines, reported by BBC. In other words, now the models are required to have medical proof that they have a normal weight, corresponding to their growth. And in advertising still have to prove, has there been any manipulation of the image like a visual reduction of man.

Ardent supporters of the new law say: "Pictures of models with excessive thinness provoke the development of persistent disorders in feeding the girls". Opponents of the law testify: "there was a need to focus attention on health, but not on body weight. There are also women who have low body weight from nature". Therefore, set the minimum standard for models in Israel today is the Index of body weight 18.5.

According to statistics, in Israel about 2 percent of girls age categories 14 to 18 years old suffer very severe eating disorders. A member of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) Raquel, Adato actively promoting the law, full of hope that the new rules will make teenagers the most correct attitude to food.

Incidentally, such a ban in 2010 introduced Australia. Kate Ellis - (at that time Minister of youth Affairs) stated: "Diets for rapid weight loss, articles, which contribute to the formation of negative attitudes towards the body, advertising plastic and cosmetic surgery in the pages of print publications will be declared outside the law".

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