Skin hides the secrets about mental illness people

Scientists have found a link between the structure of the skin and a person with manic-depressive psychosis. It turned out that the cells of a person with this disease can be transformed into the fabric of the brain, says New Scientist. To date, mental illness is a dark spot in medicine, however, the opening will allow more detail to disassemble the model of a particular disease.

Scientists have recruited two groups of volunteers: the control and the group of people with bipolar disorder. Samples were taken of the skin, which, with some manipulation, scientists have returned to a state close to the stem cells, then turned into neurons.

Nerve cells mentally ill people worked in a special way. They had increased activity of genes responsible for the work of the calcium signaling system, which provides communication between cells. When the disturbance of cellular communication, the brain is disrupted. Interestingly, treatment lithium salt returned neuronal function to normal. This method is used to produce manic-depressive psychosis.

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Opening slightly lifts the curtain on such a complex mental illness. Now scientists can explain why some people initially there is a predisposition to bipolar disorders.

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