Skin cleansing using the procedure dezinkrustatsiya

Hardly a physicist Johann Swagger who invented the galvanometer, thought that someday his device will be successfully used in cosmetology. Not thinking about it and pundits over the years worked on the improvement of this device, which is now used in cosmetic surgeries procedures for cleansing the skin.

From the name of the device (galvanometer) is analogous and the name of the method of physical therapy effects carried out with its help, - galvanization. It is an effective form of stimulation currents low power and low voltage. This method of deep cleansing involves the use of an alkaline solution (usually sodium carbonate) and galvanometer.

Dezinkrustatsiya is carried out with the aim of increasing the permeability of blood vessels and increase blood flow. Under the influence of electric current and the alkaline solution a secret, and it is deeply stuck excess of sebaceous glands with ease leaves the pores and ceases to be an aesthetic problem.

Indication for cleaning the skin with galvanization may be the presence of a large number of acne and comedones on the skin attributable to bold type. When local issues are handled only T-zone (forehead, nostrils, chin).

The skin is first applied to desentralisasi (alkaline) solution. Then problem areas are processed through electrode sliding movements along the massage lines. Desincrustation solution is processed and the strip electrode.

Sometimes cleaning begin with the use of a mask with desincrustation on the surface of the skin problem. Current acting on the skin, is governed by the customer feels. Unpleasant sensations should not be. The secret is secreted from the pores, gently cleaned off using a cotton swab.

To increase the effect of the application method dezinkrustatsii, you should use it in combination with other treatments for the skin. At the final stage in a mandatory manner, a mask is applied, which soothes the skin. If the case is too launched, in addition to the procedure can be performed mechanical (manual) or vacuum cleaning.

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More than once in a two week desincrustation is not recommended. For the duration of the procedure takes only 1 - 2 minutes, and if it is for sensitive skin and less. To get visible cosmetic effect, it is necessary to pass a course of 4 - 6 treatments. Then it can be repeated after 2 to 3 months.

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