Skin care facial in autumn and winter

In autumn and winter we spend a lot of time indoors. Dry air in the home, in the office, as well as adverse weather phenomena (wind, frost) do their harmful matter, when dehydrating and draining the skin. Dehydrated skin loses its smoothness, elasticity, becomes flabby. Therefore, the main task of caring for a woman in the autumn-winter period is to replace the lost cells moisture.

The most affordable way to moisturize your face daily washing. Correct washing involves the alternation of hot and cold water. For tightening pores always finish the procedure with cold water. If the skin is too sensitive and effective method of humidifying be wiping her free milk that is suitable for your skin type.

Good help in the care of the skin serve hot compresses. To make them better with medicinal herbs. Ideal for all chamomile, Linden flowers, mallow, calendula. Brew spoon medicinal raw materials with boiling water, lower back Terry cloth, wring out hot and put on your face (the top can be covered even with a towel to keep the heat longer preserved). After 5 minutes, adjust the cloth to the other, soaked in cold water. Three changes will be enough.

Weekly pamper the facial skin a steam bath. It perfectly moisturizes and cleanses it. In a bowl of boiling water throw a handful of herbs (chamomile, sage, mint, remove from heat and covered with a towel, lean over the steam. The duration of the bath for dry skin - 5 minutes for oily - 10-15. In this way the skin is cleaned, the pores expand, the moisture gets into the deeper layers of the epidermis, and improves blood flow. After a steam bath, Pat your face with a towel. Then apply a moisturizer.

Freeze in the freezer a few cubes of ice made from purified water, can mineral, or herbal decoction. Turning the cube in a cloth, wipe the face with circular motions. Such ice "shakeout" will raise the skin tone and well it will moisturize. But in the presence of vascular grid on the face of such a procedure is not recommended.

Perfectly moisturize skin Apple mask. RUB a small Apple and put the fruit pulp on your face for a quarter of an hour. Rinse with warm, then cold water.

For such regular care of the skin will respond to you with gratitude - elasticity, healthy color and the absence of premature wrinkles.

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