Skin care face and body after 40 years

A real woman always wants to look perfect and to catch yourself admiring glances. It should be understood that after forty skin care and body should already be like in twenty or thirty years.

Skin problems that occur with age

The older the woman, the greater her skin problems. And it's not even the notorious wrinkles and wrinkles. Layers of the epidermis every year lose more moisture, so skin becomes dry and scaly. The solution to this problem will be easy: a variety of moisturizing and nourishing masks and creams for face and body.

In addition, some women suffer from the appearance of unsightly age spots. It is the result of "excessive love" to sunburn. Try less to be in the sun, often use means against sunburn and this issue you will pass! If problem still happens, try bleach (they usually have notes like “whitening” or “brightening”). But keep in mind that this makeup contains many different allergens, so it is better to prevent the appearance of age spots, ceasing to chase the sun "like chocolate".

Skin after forty loses tone and elasticity. Tips for women with this problem is simple: massage and a cold shower in the morning. In addition, do not leave the makeup or other cosmetics (in addition to night creams), before going to bed. This extra load.

The basic rules of good appearance

In order to look great, sprawia fortieth anniversary, it is necessary not so much. You need to follow some simple rules:

Eat right - get rid of unnecessary weight, if any. In addition, a balanced diet is essential for good hair growth and rapid recovery of epidermal cells;

Wash no ordinary running water, and spring or melt - prevents skin dryness and the appearance of premature wrinkles;

Use those funds to care, which correspond to the age;

Take a shower or bath at least once a day;

Play sports or just live an active lifestyle.

Stock cosmetics

Having to hold the house for the entire "beauty salon". Useful only what you need:

Day and night creams;

Cleanser (usually tonic or lotion)

Cream for skin care around the eyes

Special anti-wrinkle serum

Moisturizing body lotions

Anti-cellulite cream

Remember, as said by Coco Chanel: "After forty person must be earned". But to win you need not only the face but also the body. Take care of yourself, love yourself and be irresistible!

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