Skin care after drawing tattoo

To ensure that the skin is not affected by tattoo, you must take some precautions in advance. Some people are allergic to the dye. To avoid painful reactions, it is necessary to test for the sensitivity of your body to the paint that will be used for tattoos. The beauty in which you are going to do the tattoo must be reliable in the sense of the proper use and sterilization of instruments used. Tattoo accompanied by applying a large number of small wounds on the skin. Each of them can become a source of infection. Some of the instruments in the cabin must be disposable, the rest are good sterilization.

- After applying the tattoo artist imposes antiseptic ointment and a bandage. He also gives recommendations about through, how many hours you can remove the bandage. Usually this time within 3-12 hours, depending on the area of the tattoo, the complexity of an image, determining the number of punctures caused.

After removal of the dressing from the skin with a tattoo rinse with cool or lukewarm water and soap. Wipe cannot let to dry or slightly wet cloth that absorbs moisture well. Dry the skin with a tattoo cover cream, which was recommended to master. This can be, for example, D-Panthenol or Bepanthene, stimulating skin regeneration.

In the following days, lubricate the area of the tattoo baby cream.

- If you take a shower, the place with a tattoo be sure to protect the layer of fat cream.

Beautiful skin area will only be in about ten days. Prior to that will have to wait the healing of injuries. In this period it is forbidden to sunbathe, take a hot water treatments, swim in the pool, clean place with a tattoo of alcohol-containing cosmetics.

- Not recommended to heal the skin exercise, drink alcohol or even coffee.

- It is desirable that the area of skin with a tattoo is not in contact tightly with clothes, avoid rubbing by clothing when walking.

- When you get to the crust, and then starts peeling, avoid touching the skin with a tattoo hands, and especially to scratch it. Only after the complete healing and restoration of normal skin appearance you can start to use this area of the body normal care products - lotions, scrubs and rubbing his washcloth when washing with hot water.

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