Skin cancer is prevented hair on the body

Hair on the body can reduce the risk that a person has cancer of the skin. This conclusion is obtained by experts from Australia, based on the results of the study.

Within ten years the specialists of the University of South Cleveland was conducted the analysis of data obtained from 20 thousand people living in different parts of the country. In accordance with the results found that thanks to the scalp, protecting human skin from the sun's rays, reduces the risk of cancer of the skin. In particular, this is manifested mustache and beard.

It is believed that ultraviolet rays are responsible for provoking the formation of free radicals, known as the main reason that causes skin cancer.

Experience confirms the received data. Using special equipment, the experts decided to check the level of radiation that passes the skin. It was found that the level of absorption is significantly reduced hair, as they hold about 30-40% of the total amount of radiation, excluding the skin.

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Scientists believe that these results are a confirmation of the evolutionary patterns that explain the fact that the population of the southern part of the Earth's thick hair, which deprived the residents of the North.

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