Skin cancer causes frequent use of sunscreen

It is believed that sunscreen helps protect skin from cancer, but in fact, they can provoke. This statement was made by a number of scientists, led by Dr. Infa MA, representing the University of science and technology (Missouri) - the edition of the Times of India.

According to experts, under the action of sunlight zinc oxide, which is usually included in sunscreens is undergoing some transformation. As a result of such reactions is the release of free radicals.

These radicals are trying to "cling" to other molecules, and thereby harm the skin cells and even DNA, which represents a threat to carcinogenic mutations. Moreover, the oxide longer is in contact with the sunlight, the more cells the human experience of suffering.

Infa MA researched how to behave cells of the human lung after irradiation of a solution, which contained particles of zinc oxide. After a comparative analysis with a control group of cells, the scientist came to the conclusion: "the Cells that were present in the solution with zinc, much faster was destroyed".

The cells are particularly negatively impacted exactly the rays of ultraviolet light. So, if on the cells for three hours was damaging UVA rays, then 50 percent of the cells in the zinc solution was killed. And after 12 hours 90% of the cells died.

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