Skin cancer can be diagnosed thanks to the smartphone

The application on the smartphone is able to diagnose skin cancer photos. Accuracy, according to the developers, is up to 93%. Such programs are an important part of the development of medicine, because the number of cancer patients every year only increases. In some countries, cancer mortality was higher than that from cardiovascular diseases.

The user uploads a picture of suspicious moles in the app and immediately receive an assessment and, if necessary, recommendation and referral. The program uses an algorithm to compare the photos from templates images of malignant skin diseases. If two images are similar, there are reasons to believe that in human melanoma.

Regular inspections and tracking the growth of moles, say doctors, are the basis for the prevention of skin cancer. The treatment of this disease in the early stages does not cause problems, the vast majority of patients with cancer are treated successfully the first stage. Now the SkinVision app is available to download for iOS and Android.

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