Size matters!

Some women say that size matters, and many men are concerned about the size of their penis. And, as a result, poor sex life, isolation, fear of intimacy with a partner, depression, stress and so on. Even in the monastery go! They say size matters! But why lead an ascetic lifestyle in the home, if you can change everything!

1. Have you heard about the miracle machine - extender? How does it work? In the long-term stretching of the penis to the formation of new cells, through which the penis increases in length and in width. Basically all devices effectively work so it is hard to say which one is better. The main difference of extenders is how it is fastened to the head: using belt or special hinges. There are models that combine both types of mounts. Prices for these devices are different. It all depends on how reliable and comfortable design. In Russia you can buy extenders cost from 5000 rubles and above.

2. If you don't want to be your "friend" something was attached, you can use another way is to use a variety of pills, tablets and dietary supplements, and other kinds of mixtures. The essence is that to stimulate the growth of the length and thickness of your penis will be coming in a sufficient quantity of blood in the tissue of the erectile tissues of your penis. The composition usually consists of natural ingredients, but be careful and do not buy the products of the charlatans! Before you resort to this type of penis enlargement, you should contact a specialist and consult in order to avoid side effects due to intolerance by you of any drugs.

3. Another way without physical impacts - gels and creams, and other tools that you will need to apply to the member. But before buying such drugs, study their composition, and exposure. There are 3 focus creams:

1) Gels aimed at short term. For example, at the time of intimacy.

2) Creams for long periods. They stimulate the growth of the member, as considered in the second method, that is, the member is increased due to the flowing blood.

3) Auxiliary gels that are typically used in combination with other types of penis enlargement.

The advantages of the described method is that you can use gel, anytime and anywhere. Also, the tools are available in the price.

4. The operation, which is aimed at thickening and increasing length of penis, but after it you will have some time to use the extender. It is also possible that will remain as a scar (two to three centimeters). There are 2 types of transactions: incision is a straight line or a cut similar to Y. In the second method, the doctor has a better overview than the first time. The larger the size of a member, the more time will be required for his recovery and healing, as there is a strong likelihood that the cut will get infected.

5. The following method is the use of vacuum pumps (pumps). Again, the conditions for a greater flow of blood: in a closed space where you inserted the penis, the conditions of vacuum. Usually the results are not long term, they only have a certain amount of time. It is better to use before engaging in intimacy. Be extremely careful when using the pump and do not do this procedure too often, as this can disrupt the flow and circulation of blood in your penis, which, for example, can lead to the formation of hematomas.

6. The following method dates back to ancient times, as already men with it, tried to increase the size of their penis. Jelqing (or massage member) - it's a pretty convenient method because you can do it when you need appealing, this method is absolutely free. The only thing you can spend money on is the grease, as it will be, except in special cases. You also, as in previous versions, stimulate the flow of blood in your penis. There are a huge number of proven methodologies. But nevertheless, be careful. Be sure to carefully read the safety precautions before you begin to massage.

7. The last method that will be described here, quite dangerous. This is one of the first methods that men have invented in order to increase their dignity. We are talking about the suspension of cargo. Requires a lot of time at home, there is a risk of injury to your penis. To achieve results, not of fractures, you have to be very careful and follow the instructions.

Are you sure that the size is already looking forward to victory on the personal front? Notice how rounded eyes in people whose eyes accidentally, and, may be, and especially fell for your "friend" (though it is already a "friend")? This is a good sign! And let say that the size has a value. Your size will open doors into the world of passionate intimate relationship!

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