Six-legged baby - genetic mutation?

In the city of Sukkur in Pakistan last week came to light six-legged baby. An employee of one of the hospitals, the child's father Imran Sheikh, has already approached the government for financial support, and also charitable organization to receive donations for surgery to remove the extra legs. The salary of the father of the child is 6 thousand rupees ( not more than 3,5 thousand) and the cost of the surgery can vary from 200 to 300 thousand dollars, to pay for her family.

For the mother the delivery was difficult, in the end, they ended in a caesarean section, but now the woman had recovered and feels good.

Doctors now diagnose the origin of the extra leg - was it a genetic mutation or part of the twins, parasites, not fully developed. However, in favor of genetic mutation is the fact that the boy's father often works with the x-ray apparatus, and then subjected to irradiation. It is also important the fact that the parents are blood relatives.

Nobody noticed evolved several months mutation, the doctors were sure that the woman bears twins - say in the Institute of child health Karachi.

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Child with extra four extremities is born not for the first time in India a girl Lakshmi was born with two extra arms and two extra legs, but at the age of four operation for their removal was successfully conducted.

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