Sitting in front of computer provokes osteoporosis - scientists

Researchers from Norway have shown that regular seat at your computer for a teenager can lead to osteoporosis. This may increase the risk of fracture and increases the time of their regeneration.

Experts agree that the human skeleton is formed in childhood and adolescence. Permanent sedentary lifestyle interferes with normal development of locomotor apparatus, provokes the development of obesity and osteoporosis.

Data scientists proved in the course of the experiment involving 463 girls and 484 boys. Age of the subjects ranged from 15 to 18 years. Using x-rays the doctors assessed the health of the bones of teenagers and asked each child about his day's schedule.

It turned out that a permanent seat at the computer in boys decreased bone density, increased total body weight. Interestingly, bone density girls under the same conditions increased.

Of course, the boys shown physical activity and mobility. The case of girls will pereproveriat, and research in this area will continue.

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