Sinusitis - treatment folk remedies

Sinusitis or sinus infection is a nasty disease, which means inflammation of the sinus node sinuses. Sometimes this disease can occur as a complication of measles, influenza or scarlet fever. However, in most cases people suffer from sinusitis due to common colds. In order to earn sinusitis enough to go outside in the cold and rainy weather without a hat or not to pay attention to a bad cold and just use sprays to ease breathing.

However, despite the fact that all known basic precautions, many people are also well aware the main symptoms of sinusitis. This, unfortunately, is not at all sufficient time for timely treatment to the doctor. That's why, today we will talk about how to treat sinusitis with folk remedies.

1. One of the best recipes is currently considered the treatment of sinusitis Bay leaf. Preparation of this drug is very simple: you need to take 3 large Bay leaves, put them in a pan, pour a small amount of water and boil the water. Then you need to moisten a cloth with this solution and apply it to the frontal lobe. Thus it is necessary to repeat the procedure at least 3 times in one session.

2. Homemade ointment from sinusitis, is also quite effective method of fighting the disease. For its preparation You will need to bring alcohol, honey, vegetable oil, onions, milk and shredded soap. All of these ingredients should be taken in equal proportions and cook in a pot on the so-called water bath.

Use ready-made ointments quite simple: you need to wrap the match a small piece of cotton and RUB ointment. Then paste it into each nostril no more than 15 minutes up to 3 times a day. According to many people, even from chronic sinusitis due to this type of treatment, you can get rid of 3 weeks.

3. As is known, various sprays to ease breathing not a cure for the common cold, but only help to relieve the symptoms. If, even with a common cold, they can not help, what can we say about the treatment of such serious diseases like sinusitis? However, there is always a way. In this case, it is possible to cook drops at home. The recipe is very simple: a teaspoon of glycerin must be mixed with 4 teaspoons water and add 10 drops tablets mummy. Dripping this tool 3 times a day in the nose, you can get rid of chronic purulent sinusitis within 3 weeks.

4. A mixture of peeled and grated horseradish and lemon juice is an excellent treatment for sinusitis since ancient times. Take this mixture is daily for 20-th minute before eating. The course of treatment, certainly long enough, 4 months. But, you see, to get rid of chronic sinusitis over a period of time, without punctures, also good.

It is necessary to understand how effective have not been traditional medicine treatment of sinusitis, it is still, first and foremost, you need to consult a doctor. Because an incorrect treatment of the disease possible serious complications, cure which subsequently will be extremely difficult.

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