Chronic loneliness most people seek to build relationships with their opposites. Why is this happening, tried to figure out scientists from the Czech Republic.

Note that this phenomenon applies only to people who are pathologically unable to find a mate. Scientists from Charles University in Prague staged an experiment. Volunteers from among the students were shown pictures of women and men and were asked to assess their attractiveness.

Some of the pictures scientists previously retouched. This was done in order to achieve approximate similarity between the appearance of a specific subject and a photo.

Single people, the study showed, for the most part chose the least similar to itself people, and called them attractive. If the person was in long-term relationships, there is a high probability that his facial features in others seemed to him more pleasant.

The fact of the peculiarities of the human brain, experts say. We choose a strategy of behavior, based on the presence or absence of a partner.

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