Singing saves you from snoring

Snoring is called specific process, which is accompanied by respiratory durene human sleep. The main cause of snoring is involuntary relaxation of the soft palate and uvula. Snoring is the vibration of the adjoining soft tissues of the laryngopharynx.

Some studies snoring suggests that he, for example, can reduce mental ability, destroying vibrations of the structure of the gray matter of the brain. Often snoring recurrent apnoea may provoke the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Despite having experience and a sufficiently large number of methods of treatment of this pathology, recently scientists have discovered a new way. Scientists at the University of Exeter found that singing can strengthen the soft tissue of the hypopharynx, causing the soft palate and uvula in tone, says Medical News Today.

Actually, the main cause of snoring, except the pathology of the structure is reduced tone of the soft palate, muscles of the palate and pharynx. There are certain exercises that are used by singers that affect this group of muscles. Doctor-ENT Malcolm Hilton decided to use these exercises to get rid of snoring. For this purpose we have assembled a group of 60 people suffering from this pathology.

Some people actively followed the instructions and did the exercises, the other part continued to live a normal life. After three months was a positive tendency in the "singers". Their snoring became quieter, duration and quality of sleep increased. It is important to note that exercise did not cause discomfort to the study and were easy to perform.

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