Singing influences on life expectancy and well being

According to British newspaper The Telegraph, scientists at the Swiss University of Gothenburg found that by controlling the breath, singing also has a positive effect on the work of the body, like yoga.

According to Professor research Institute, Bjorn Vickhoff, while singing synchronization occurs between members of the choir, which leads to a calming effect on humans, resulting in people resting mentally and physically. In addition, in the process of singing, controlled breathing, which in musical phrases comes in one rhythm that stabilising its cardiovascular system.

This statement of the Swiss support scientists around the world. Australian scientists at the University of Newcastle, note that the singing is especially useful for people in older age. When a person sings, he disappears anxiety, leaves irritability and improves mood.

And in the UK, sing advise cancer patients, according to University in Cardiff, singing, patients are more likely to cure.

Scientists from the Universities of Harvard and Yale has conducted its own research, which showed that in the city of Connecticut, where most of the population is singing in the choir, the life expectancy is the highest.

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