Singing helps stroke victims recover it

Some stroke patients singing helps to restore it, these are the conclusions of scientists from Germany. And the success of treatment of singing is formulaic phrases and rhythm, not melody. The biggest progress was observed in patients who sang familiar songs, then their articulation was successfully corrected.

After a heart strike many people suffer from difficulties in speech, for which the answer is damaged centers in the left hemisphere of the brain. However, for singing the right hemisphere is responsible, so ill sing is much easier. The researchers intend to stimulate the right hemisphere, so it took speech functions.

In the experiment, 17 stroke patients with speech problems were asked to sing or rhythmically recite several thousand syllables. It turned out that singing did not show better results compared to rhythmic speech. So it is necessary to speak not about the saving power of the singing, and rhythm.

The easiest patients spoke formulaic phrases, or from childhood familiar texts, because these phrases are associated with other mechanisms of the brain, and not with the area in the left hemisphere responsible for spontaneous speech, for example - with long-term memory.

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