Simple carbohydrates cause overeating

American scientist Robert Lasting from the University of California found that a cause of overeating is not the weak will losing weight, and eating certain foods. In his book "Fat Chance" he described gluttony, as the scourge of modern civilization. It is gluttony leads to overweight, as well as to the emergence of diseases that are directly related to him.

In order to avoid overeating, doctor of Lasting recommends not to eat white bread, honey, sugar, confectionery, and also some foods that contain large amounts of simple carbohydrates.

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According to the scientist, because simple carbohydrates the brain is insensitive to leptin, the main hormone responsible for satiety. Thanks to him, the body says that eating at the moment is enough. But when the brain is not getting signals from leptin, the person continues to eat, and the food itself brings him pleasure. It should be noted that the need for food is the body in such moments is not already experiencing.

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