Simple and favorite things protect older people from heart disease

Walks in the fresh air, gardening, fishing and other simple joys of life greatly reduces the chance of heart attack among the elderly. A study involving 2,500 people of retirement age has proven that the risk of ischemia of the heart the lucky elderly 50% lower.

Scientists have divided the volunteers consented to the study into three groups depending on the level of physical activity. In the first group were older people who spend less than four hours a week on all sorts of activities. The second group engaged in usual Affairs. People worked around the house, in the garden, occasionally rode a bike or just walking. Representatives of the third group of older athletes who are constantly engaged in Cycling, swimming and other sports.

It turned out that it is enough to have a few favorite things to one and a half times to reduce the probability of death from a heart attack. True athletes from a number of pensioners had a 66% reduced risk of death.

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