Simple analgesic and antiviral can defeat cancer

Simple painkillers common actions and antiviral drugs can defeat some of the most deadly forms of cancer, this is the conclusion reached by scientists from the Carolingian Institute In Sweden. They found evidence that these drugs may "turn off" the virus is found in many tumors and nourish their growth.

Antivirus and anti-inflammatory painkillers reduce the rate of growth of such tumors by 72 percent.

Dangerous the virus is present in the body three quarters of the population, but is usually found in the body in a sleep state. Cytomegalovirus wakes up when it detects in the body the cancer cells and begins to accelerate their growth. Cytomegalovirus play a major role in the development of cancer of the brain, breast, colon and prostate.

The researchers found that the treatment of the virus will reduce the growth of tumors, and tumors of the small size easy to treat as surgery and chemotherapy.

Experiments on mice showed that tumor growth is reduced by 72 percent when using painkillers and anti-viral at the same time.

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