Silicone breast British women exploded under the shower

Alison Chapman resident in the UK at the age of 45 years in one of the inexpensive clinics Tunisia went through the procedure of breast enlargement surgery. However, immediately after returning home "lucky" while taking a shower in her new Breasts suddenly Alison exploded.

Immediately after surgery, Alison began to suffer severe aching pain in the chest, but the doctors at the clinic were to assure that it is, in their opinion, is natural. E. Chapman didn't even know that this pain is a signal that the operation to establish breast implants has been very unsuccessful. Under the pressure of the water coming from the shower, the seams on the chest in the truest sense of the word burst.

British doctors had done a closure formed in place of the "explosion" wound to the chest. But now Alison will need to undergo several operations: installation of new implants and awful plastic scars.

Alison Chapman for poor health received monetary compensation and is now actively campaigning women who want to do plastic surgery so that they do not have recourse to the services of the clinics of dubious reputation.

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