Signs of impotence: as the disease begins

Impotence is a problem that may face any representative of the stronger sex, regardless of age. Impotence may be a single failure, and can be a constant companion, depriving the delights of intimate life. Consider what are the signs of impotence appear first.

Initial symptoms of impotence are mild in nature and occur irregularly. Depending on the causes of impotence there are two main categories of erectile dysfunction: organic and psychological.

The main signs of impotence:

Sometimes impotence due to psychological problems: prolonged depression, or any disorders of the nervous system. The symptoms of impotence caused by psychological reasons include:

Striking features of psychogenic impotence are spontaneous erections that never go away. They take place at night and the morning after waking up. Also an erection that does not disappear in the process of sexual intercourse.

Problems in intimate life arise from quarrels, stress, setbacks and other situations that disrupt the nervous system of men. Erectile dysfunction occurs when insufficient sleep, irregular and poor nutrition, overweight and severe fatigue of the body.

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Signs of impotence is not so much, but with their help it is possible to accurately decide whether to be alarmed or people are just tired. In some cases, to solve the problem and regain virility need to undergo medical treatment, but often enough to minimize the number of stressful situations, to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages, to overcome addiction to Smoking, exercise and establish proper nutrition.

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