Signs of allergies

According to who, on the plan every 5th person is allergic. The symptoms of this disease is different. With timely detection of allergen can be avoided contact with him and emergence of unpleasant sensations.

The allergen can be anything. For the immune system to the allergen is an alien element to which it gives reaction. Often allergies can be confused with several other diseases, including fungal infections, scabies, viral infection. Allergies to food and animal fur is the most common, but allergies there are so many.

In most cases, the Allergy appears in the form of urticaria. When there is contact with the allergen, some parts of the body, and sometimes the whole body is completely covered with pale red or red spots. When such spots on the touch have a rough surface, it is likely that we are talking about allergic reactions. The rash will have a smooth surface, when they are caused by infectious diseases.

Contact dermatitis can occur within a few hours and a few days later after he had a contact with the allergen. In most cases, the Allergy appears in the form of rashes on the skin in those places where there was contact. There are times when in public places exposure to the allergen, the skin is covered with bubbles that are very itchy and interfere with sleep at night.

In addition to contact dermatitis and urticaria, allergies may be accompanied by fever, disorders of the digestive system, nausea, diarrhea, lack of appetite. The dermatitis can cause prolonged exposure to cold on the skin. In this case, appear on the skin spots that itch and peel.

Among other symptoms of allergic reactions can be distinguished redness of the eyes, the appearance of slezotochivogo. In the case of development of angioedema is swelling of the lips, cheeks, and eyelids. If the rash affects the subcutaneous tissue, it is likely that the appearance of laryngeal edema, which can lead to suffocation. This condition is life threatening, so when the first symptoms of allergies, you need to immediately seek help from a specialist, or call an ambulance.

As soon as people noticed the first signs of an allergic reaction, he should not self-medicate and take antihistamines in large quantities. Only a doctor can prescribe the right treatment and to conduct a survey to identify the allergen.

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