Side effects of aromatherapy

The level of air pollution in the salons, offering its clients aromatherapy can be frighteningly high, especially on the content of volatile organic compounds and ultrafine particles.

These compounds are present in aromatic essential oils derived from plants, when they react with ozone in the air as a byproduct compounds occur ultrafine secondary organic particulate matter in the air. These secondary substances cause irritation of the eyes, respiratory tract and skin irritation.

Research scientists from the First national University Goeson and University Xiao-Lin Huang in Taiwan tested Chinese herbal essential oils on the formation of secondary organic solids. They took the fences of the air in spas offering massage using essential oils. The findings were disappointing, in salons with poor ventilation, the levels of these substances was so high that could affect the well-being of the client to cause irritation to eyes or skin.

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