Siberian scientists have discovered a drug that retards the aging process

A unique product developed by a group of scientists from Novosibirsk and Tomsk, may become a sensation in the scientific world. Recently, scientists announced the creation of the so-called tablets of eternal youth. According to Russian experts, cellular technology can change the aging process. That stem cells can become cells of any organ, known for a long time. But the older the man gets, the less it remains a stem cell. This is because the person ages. A new drug of Russian scientists, called the G5, can dramatically change the situation. Through his action the release of stem cells is increased by 40 percent. According to one of the developers of the drug Andrei Bokareva previously broken cells in the body begin to perform their functions.

Held no animal experiments have shown amazing results. The drug was tested on two groups of mice, one of which was given this drug, and the other is not. At the age of 18 months the difference honey rodents from both groups was huge. Representatives of the group that did not receive G5 were sick, polytivskie and two times less than the rodents from group one. Participants in the first group lived for 30 months, not more and not showing any signs of old age. Scientists believe that this drug is very effective in the treatment of severe liver disease, nervous system and lungs. According to the Director of the Tomsk research Institute pharmacologists Alexander DIGA, they were able to prove the fact that G5 improves memory. He believes that produced by the drug effect can be called the rejuvenation.

Scientists of Siberia believe that they are the founders of a new direction in regenerative medicine. New drug slows down the aging process and increases the duration of life. The drug is currently available in capsules, but in the free market it yet, and when he appears in pharmacies, developers say difficult. In late autumn of the current year must be completed preclinical testing G5. In the next step, the drug must pass clinical trials, which will take part already volunteers. This step may take a year and a half or two. Just today we can safely say that anti-aging pill is not a myth.

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