Shrinkage of child brain provokes constant stress

The area of the brain associated with memory, the child is able to reduce chronic stress. This discovery was made by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, reported It is on the cognitive ability of the child imposes a negative impact.

So, children who are regularly confronted with stress, many times poorly on tests to determine short-term memory. According to the researcher Jamie Hanson, chronic illness of the child or members of his family, as well as the assault on the family, can be attributed to the stress of this type.

Previously conducted researches it has been proven that children who have witnessed episodes of violence, at the cellular level age faster. This means that the stress in humans takes away precious years of life. This time, scientists decided to focus on the quality of the memory 61 of the child age category 9-14 years.

The children were interviewed, and their brain at this time scanned. MRI results showed that children with an extremely high degree of stress the anterior cingulate, which is located in the prefrontal cortex was significant difference is reduced.

This area is extremely necessary to perform the tasks of emotional and cognitive properties, including information processing spatial working memory. Stress also leads to shrinkage of the white and gray matter. Apparently, the stress can induce transformation of the chemical composition of the brain.

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