Shower gels, sprays and shampoos increase the risk of miscarriage study

Phthalates are found in many foods, also high concentrations can be found in most commodity groups household chemicals, gels, tools for hair care, nail Polish, lipsticks. Scientists have found that continuous exposure to low concentrations of phthalates increases the risk of miscarriage. This reports Zee News.

At particular risk are workers in factories producing the above-described products. Experts from Peking University conducted a study involving 300 women from China. They analyzed the urine of 172 healthy women and 132 female subjects who survived the miscarriage.

A pronounced effect of phthalates on pregnancy were found for the 5 to 13 week's gestation. Scientists believe that this group of substances has a negative effect on the health of all women. They have to protect the female from extremely hazardous chemicals in industries, it will greatly improve the quality of life of workers.

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